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Specific SQR topics

#RETURN-STATUS reserved SQR variable*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
$CURRENT-DATE, formatting*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2003]
-F parameter*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
.NET integration*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Advantages and special features of SQR    [Blog, PeopleSoft SQR, 2009]
Aggregate functions, performance issue, SQL Server*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
AIX, running SQR on*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Alphanumeric string, validating (removing special characters)*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Application Engine (PeopleSoft): Passing parameters to SQR*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2003]
Application Engine vs. SQR, part 1 (PeopleSoft)    [Blog, SparkPath, 2005]
Application Engine vs. SQR, part 2 (PeopleSoft)    [Blog, SparkPath, 2005]
Array index is always 0*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Arrays, dynamic sizing using ASK, EXTENT*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Arrays, searching    [Blog, PeopleSoft SQR, 2009]
Arrays, size declaration*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Arrays, sorting and grouping*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Arrays: Introduction    [Blog, SparkPath, 2005]
AS <column name> in SQR BEGIN-SELECT*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
BEGIN-DOCUMENT sections    [Blog, SparkPath, 2006]
BEGIN-HEADER displays information for wrong page*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Bugs, common sources in SQR    [Blog, PeopleSoft SQR, 2009]
Buy SQR independent of PeopleSoft installation*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
CALL SYSTEM error codes (Windows)*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
CALL SYSTEM problem (environment variables not inherited)*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
CALL SYSTEM to call a batch file on Windows*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Carriage control characters, removing from huge .LIS file*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Check signature fonts; converting BMP to HPGL*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
CLOB columns, retrieving (Oracle)*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Coding standards    [Blog, PeopleSoft SQR, 2009]
Coding standards    [Blog, SparkPath, 2005]
Coding standards*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Column headings, multiple-line, in CSV files*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Columns, maximum on a report*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Command-line parameters, referencing*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
COMMIT within a BEGIN-SELECT loop*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
COMMIT within a BEGIN-SELECT loop*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Compiling SQR programs    [Blog, SparkPath, 2005]
Configuration for custom SQR: Folders, naming, modifying vs. cloning    [Blog, SparkPath, 2004]
CSV and XLS file formats*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
CSV and XLS file formats    [Blog, SparkPath, 2005]
CSV and XLS files for Excel 2000*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
CSV files, headings in*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
CSV, HTML output works on some machines but not others*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Database links*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Database name, retrieving (Oracle)*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Date comparisons (Oracle)*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Date format conversions*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Date format conversions using SQL*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Date value, creating from string*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2003]
Date values, adding days to date, DB2*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2003]
Date values, comparing*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Date values, comparing    [Blog, SparkPath, 2005]
Date values, formatting*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Date values, validating*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Date variables and functions    [Blog, PeopleSoft SQR, 2009]
Datetime values, removing time from*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Datetime values, removing time from*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Debugging SQR programs    [WhitePaper, SparkPath, 2005]
Debugging SQR programs: SP Debugger tips    [Blog, SparkPath, 2006]
Decimal places*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Decimal places in SHOW*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Delayed evaluation using dynamic SQL    [Blog, SparkPath, 2006]
Deleting files through SQR*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Derived records (PeopleSoft)*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2003]
Detail lines, suppressing in a report*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
DISPLAY and MOVE: Recommendations    [Blog, SparkPath, 2004]
DOS SORT, using for complex sorts*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2003]
Doubling double-quote characters*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2003]
Duplicate rows, avoiding during SQL INSERT*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Dynamic clause in subselect causes SQL compile error*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Dynamic column headings*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Dynamic optional table name in SELECT*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2003]
Dynamic SELECT columns*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Dynamic SELECT columns: Supplying type*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2003]
Dynamic SQL performance*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Dynamic SQL: Database links*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Dynamic SQL: Introduction    [Blog, SparkPath, 2005]
Email attachment on Unix, specifying "from"*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Email, generating*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2003]
Email, generating*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2003]
Email, generating*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2003]
Email, generating*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Email, sending from SQR using mailx*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Email, Unix: Various troubleshooting suggestions*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Emailing a file from SQR*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2003]
Emailing SQR's current report*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Empty lines in output file*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
ENCODE ASCII values*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Encrypting SQR output*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
End-of-run message, screen scroll after*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Error "The required environment variable SQRDIR has not been defined"    [Blog, SparkPath, 2005]
Error (Excel) "Cannot read record __"*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Error 10083: "Memory fault (coredump)"*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Error 1302: "SQL buffer too small"*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Error 1302: "SQL buffer too small"*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Error 1303: "Error in SQL (perhaps missing &name after expression)"*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Error 1305: "CMPSQL : Unknown data type in database: 187"*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Error 1308: "Could not bind column <n>"*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Error 1400: "Only numerics allowed for arithmetic"*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Error 3601: "Out of substitution or #DEFINE variables"*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Error 3719: "Columns names and expressions must be unique..."*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Error 3719: "Columns names and expressions must be unique..."*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Error 4407: "Referenced variables not defined"*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Error 4603: "GRAPHIC VERT-LINE out of bounds"*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Error 4604: "GRAPHIC HORZ-LINE out of bounds"*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Error 4705: "Program line too long; maximum is 511"*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Error 4735: "Unknown variable type encountered in run-time file"*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Error 4747: "The SQT file is corrupted and cannot be processed"*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Error 5400: "Second page write attempted while writing current page"*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Error 5400: "Second page write attempted while writing current page"*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2003]
Error 5400: "Second page write attempted while writing current page"*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Error 5403: "Error writing the output file"*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Error 5528: "...Formal parameter '@Pnn' ..."*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Error 5528: "ORACLE OCIServerAttach error 12154 in cursor 0..."*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2006]
Error 6806: "String2Em: String to Decimal Object Conversion Error"*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2003]
Error 6806: "String2Em: String to Decimal Object Conversion Error"*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Error 7715: "Failed to start the Java Virtual Machine (JVM)"*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Error 7715: "Failed to start the Java Virtual Machine (JVM)"*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Error messages, finding source of    [Blog, SparkPath, 2006]
Error ORA-01002: "Fetch out of sequence"*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Error ORA-01406: "Fetched column value was truncated"*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2003]
Error ORA-01458: "invalid length inside variable character string"*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2006]
Error ORA-01652: "Unable to extend temp segment"*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Error ORA-03113: "End-of-file on communication channel"*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Error PLS-00306: "Wrong number or types of arguments in call"*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2003]
EVALUATE: Empty WHEN above WHEN-OTHER*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Excel file output, creating formulas in*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Excel numeric values, formatting*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Excel output files, controlling text characteristics with SYLK*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Excel output files, methods for creating    [Blog, SparkPath, 2005]
Excel output files, types and name extensions    [Blog, SparkPath, 2005]
Excel printing properties*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Excel reformats CSV output*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Exclamation point (!) in strings*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Extra pages print on HP printer*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2003]
FAQ: Email, CALL SYSTEM, .CSV/.XLS, .LIS, accented characters    [Blog, SparkPath, 2006]
File path, variable based on environment*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
File system functions in SQR*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2003]
First n rows, selecting*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Flat files, creating with WRITE vs. PRINT*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Font size*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2006]
Font size, specifying*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Font size, specifying*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Font, selecting*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Foreign/accented characters display incorrectly*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Foreign/accented characters do not print*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Foreign/accented characters not handled correctly*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Foreign/accented characters, sorting*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
FTP from Unix: Generating shell script in SQR*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
FTP using CALL SYSTEM*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
FTP, closing report before*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Global and local variables    [Blog, SparkPath, 2004]
Global and local variables*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Global vs. local variables: Accessing; pros and cons*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Header record, skipping in input file*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Headings and footings, different sizes, dynamic*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2003]
Hints (Oracle) in SELECT*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2003]
Hints (Oracle) in SELECT*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Hints in BEGIN-SELECT (Oracle)*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2006]
History of SQR*    [Misc, SQRUG, 2003]
HTML link in PDF file, creating*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
HTML, creating and rendering in SQR*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Index, hint to use, Oracle*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Input file data truncated*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Input file, comparing with previous version to eliminate duplicate processing*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2003]
Input parameters: Several methods (1)*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2003]
Input parameters: Several methods (2)*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2003]
INSERT error, detecting*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
INSERT errors (duplicates), checking for using ON-ERROR*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Integer values*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
ISBLANK()*    [Tip, SQRUG, 2006]
Italic font*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Last occurrence of a substring*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2006]
Leading zeros in CSV files, preserving*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Leading zeros suppressed by Excel*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Line delimiters in text files*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2006]
Line height, changing on the fly*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2003]
Linked tables (MS Access, Oracle)*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Linux, installing SQR on*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
LIS file unreadable (PCL-format output)*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
LOAD-LOOKUP and LOOKUP: Advantages and uses    [Blog, PeopleSoft SQR, 2009]
LOAD-LOOKUP and LOOKUP: Introduction    [Blog, PeopleSoft SQR, 2009]
Log file contents: Recommendations    [Blog, PeopleSoft SQR, 2009]
Log file, opening during SQR execution*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Long descriptions on same row of report: Wrapping text*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2003]
Long file names not created*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
LONG RAW and CLOB column values (Oracle)*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Lookup table, listing contents of*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Mainframe files (from COBOL), processing with SQR*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Maximum n values*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Menus and screen positioning functions*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
MICR font*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
MOVE vs. LET: Performance*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Multiple reports, one to printer, one to file*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Multiple reports, specifying file names of*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Negative line positioning*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Nested BEGIN-SELECTs: Order of execution*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
NULL vs. empty string, distinguishing between*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Null, blank and empty strings    [Blog, SparkPath, 2006]
Numeric #variables, writing to output file*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Numeric comparisons and rounding errors*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2003]
Numerics in strings, validating*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
ON-BREAK BEFORE= parameter, behavior*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2003]
ON-BREAK for part of a value*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
ON-BREAK generates blank lines*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
OPRID and RUN_CNTL_ID values (PeopleSoft)*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Optimization level, setting (DB2)*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
ORDER BY variable within SELECT*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Output directory, determining (PeopleSoft)*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Output file names, dynamic*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Output files become corrupted when processed or emailed*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Output files, size limitations on Unix*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Output in both PDF and CSV formats*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Page heading (or file) does not match page data*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Parameters from a file: Several methods*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Password and user ID, hiding on command line*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Password, hiding on SQR command line, Unix*    [Tip, SQRUG, 2004]
PDF file name, controlling when multiple reports produced*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2003]
PDF output file, extra pages at end*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
PDF output in Brio Portal*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
PDF, generating directly from SQR*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Performance tuning*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2003]
Performance tuning*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
PL/SQL procedure, Oracle, executing from SQR*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
PRINT relative offset of 0 (+0)*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
PRINT-IMAGE file types*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
PRINT-IMAGE, EPS files*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2003]
Printed elements, precise positioning of    [Blog, SparkPath, 2004]
Printer-specific characters in report file*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Printing .LIS file*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2006]
Printing directly to client printer*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Prior month, determining*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Process Scheduler statuses, general info (PeopleSoft) Requires account/password   [Q&A, PeopleSoft, 2008]
Proportional fonts, computing size of strings*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Proportional-font text, determining length of*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Quicksort in SQR    [Blog, PeopleSoft SQR, 2009]
Quote character in a string*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2006]
Quotes, single, in SQL strings*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
READ, maximum length of data string*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Reading a file with no carriage returns*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Reading/writing flat files: Basic loop structure*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2003]
Recursion in SQR    [Blog, SparkPath, 2004]
Recursion in SQR*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Removing special characters from a string*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
RENAME() fails*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Rotated text printing*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Rounding to multiples of 10*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2006]
Rounding up*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2006]
RTRIM or LTRIM do not remove a substring from a string*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
RTRIM or LTRIM do not remove a substring from a string*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Run control in SQR (PeopleSoft)    [Blog, SparkPath, 2004]
Run control parameters, reading (PeopleSoft)    [Blog, PeopleSoft SQR, 2009]
Servlet, calling from SQR*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
SET-COLOR*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Simplify SQR code    [Blog, SparkPath, 2004]
Skipping rows in SELECT*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2003]
SPF file name, controlling when multiple reports declared*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2003]
SPF file produced instead of LIS*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2003]
SPF files: Contents; viewing*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
SPF files: overview*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
SQL text, viewing ($SQL-TEXT variable)*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
SQR Process vs. SQR Report (PeopleSoft)*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
SQRP, calling from SQR to reformat output*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
SQRW not responding*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2003]
Stored procedure output parameters*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Stored procedure, calling from SQR*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Stored procedure, executing from within SQR (Oracle)*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Stored procedure, MS SQL Server, calling*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Strike-through*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2003]
String compare fails (extra spaces, displaying)*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Subselects, wrapping within SQR BEGIN-SELECT*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Substitution variables: Introduction    [Blog, SparkPath, 2004]
Substitution variables: Uses    [Blog, SparkPath, 2004]
Sybase compatibility issues*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
SYLK format files, creating*    [Tip, SQRUG, 2004]
Temporary table, creating in SQR (Oracle)*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Temporary tables in BEGIN-SETUP section*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Temporary tables in SQR, creating    [Blog, SparkPath, 2007]
Temporary tables, dropping (Sybase)*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Timestamp of a file*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
TOP <n> rows*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
TOP in BEGIN-SELECT (MS SQL Server)*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
TOP-MARGIN ignored*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2003]
Totals, printing on first line*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Trees, navigating with SQR (PeopleSoft)*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Unicode, disabling in SQR*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2003]
Unix shell script, executing SQR from*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
UNSTRING examples*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2002]
UNSTRING on a record with a variable number of fields*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
Variable name containing hyphen (#COUNT-1)*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2003]
Variable names containing special characters    [Blog, SparkPath, 2005]
Vertical printing*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Vertical printing*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Warning 7501: "Using YY edit mask from (DD-MON-YY)" (1)*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2003]
Warning 7501: "Using YY edit mask from (DD-MON-YY)" (2)*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2003]
WHERE IN(), dynamic, generating*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
Word format, creating SQR output in*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2005]
WRAP allocates extra blank line*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2003]
Wrapping text*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]
{ and } characters misinterpreted as substitution variable*    [Q&A, SQRUG, 2004]

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